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Obtaining Luthier Supplies in Canada is , for the most part, difficult.  Suppliers a far a few between.  I have commented on the suppliers I have dealt with.  If you know of a reliable Canadian supplier not listed below, please Email me.  Click on the name to go to their website.
Luthier Supplies in Canada
Canada's premier wood supplier on Victoria Island.  Finally a Canadian supplier who can provide the small builder  with world class wood.  Their Engleman Tops are the best I've ever used.  Brazilian Rosewood etc. Absulutely fantastic company to work with .  The wood used to protect the tops they sent me was better than most other companies send as AAA.
David can probably supply most of the wood your looking for including fretboards, overlays and inlays.  David teaches in house guitar building classes.  I visited with him in the Summer of 2002.  Orders are shipped promptly.
Known world wide for the superb tools and wood working supplies.  Up till now .   Expensive, but you know what your getting.
A supplier of wood finishing products.  Supplies shellac and clear grain filler.  Initial order was backordered but filled ASAP with wood essence covering the shipping cost as a result of the delay.  
Luthier Supplies in the U.S.
Many of the supplies I use come from the U.S.  While there are many suppliers in the U.S. Those listed are the ones that I have come to trust.  
This is where I get most of my supplies not pertaining to wood or finishing.  Order there catalouge.  I have never, ever, had a problem with ordering or delivery. 
When were this far away from the wood source we can't go through the pile and he has gained my trust.  The majority of my backs/sides and ebony come from Randy.  If You order from him, make sure to tell him NOT to use UPS.  He's busy so you have to remind him. Ships same day
Wood, some tools, a good supply of classical guitar plans.
Similar to Stewart Mcdonald, but not quite up to par.  Check your order twice as they don't always get it right.  They supplied all the parts for my "Fox side bending machine" and specilized saw blades for cutting fret slots.